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22 August 2008, Friday


I’m still seething from my journey from Abuja to Lagos. Again I came by ABC Transport Service after swearing never ever to travel by them again. Forced by circumstances – too much baggage – I couldn’t take the smaller faster shuttle busses. Much less travel by air as my cousin was with me.

ABC is rotten. I hate when Nigerian businesses boast about being the best in Africa and other stupid things along that line when they can’t even get the simple things right?

I was cursing them all through my trip. Am sure other passengers had never seen a bitterer woman than me today. Let me tell you why.

You see, I was the first to arrive at their station, before 5.30am I was already waiting. With seven bags in toe I wanted to avoid the hassle of loading up my bags in the coach. The porters didn’t start arriving until past six even though the departure time on the ticket read 6.30am. After showing up late they started loading the bus going to Port Harcourt first. Fair enough.

But because they were disorganized when they started loading the Lagos bus the situation soon became chaotic. With people pushing, and shoving and trampling over bags and begging the porters to weigh and tag their luggage so they could proceed to embark. Those who were willing to give them a token fee were hurried while the rest of us who were there earlier were made to wait. Then came the real shocker. While they were tagging the bags we were informed us that no one is allowed to carry any bag into the coach. Only wallets and cell phones were allowed. Women were ordered to part with their handbags and those who had laptops started sweating on the nose. Everything was dumped into the hanger, regardless of the contents of individual bags and whether or not they contained fragile items. When we protested the porter loading up the bags told us it was their way or no way at all. Meanwhile the driver was revving up the engine, as if he would take off any moment, further aggravating the already panicky situation.


The idiot then had the audacity to ask me to pay two hundred naira just to load my stuff into the coach. I told him to piss off because I already paid six hundred for ‘excess luggage’. When I started loading my stuff in myself, he unloaded them again. At this point I was about to explode. It was only after I showed him the receipt for the payment that he started putting my stuff in.

 As if the humiliation wasn’t enough, we were all lined up and patted down like criminals! I can still feel the woman’s hands going over my breasts and patting my buttocks and inner thighs. You only hear about shit like that in airports!

 They claim to be doing it for our safety. Yet despite their extreme precautions, even without being a criminal I could still think of more than one way to sneak weapons into the coach.


My grievances with ABC are as follows:


1.       Why weren’t we informed of the new regulation when we purchased our tickets? They just sprung it on us at the last minute and their staffs were exceptionally rude in implementing it.

2.       Why isn’t the company ensuring the policy of not paying porters is properly implemented? Because I refused to pay them, they refused to help me with my luggage. I was left slugging four heavy bags about. Shit. My left shoulder was almost dislocated!

3.       Whatever happened to keeping time? The bus departed an hour later than scheduled with no apologies.

 4.       Their toilet was a mess. Whenever I pressed the flush instead of clean water out came recycled piss. Coupled with fumes from the heat of the coach it was offensively intoxicating!

 5.       Did I mention their staffs are extremely rude? Both driver and steward. I actually heard the steward shouting at an old man to bend down and crawl through the baggage hanger in search of his baggage when we stopped over at Ibadan. I myself was dislodged on the MAIN ROAD!!! On the busy OJOTA ROAD IN LAGOS ON AN EVENING FOR FUCKS SAKE! Cars were wheezing by as I struggled to gather my things on the curb.


I’ve sworn many times that travelling with ABC would be the last time I travelled with them. This time, I mean it! Nothing will ever make me go by them again.




Tried complaining on their website.  All I got was a stupid error message.


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August 31, 2008 at 11:01 pm

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