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Speaking of Fashion Sense

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In one glance my overall fashion sense can be summed up as conservative. My first impression on a stranger might be something like, ‘okay, she’s definitely not the kind to include clubbing in her itinerary of fun and entertainment’. Conservatism, in this particular instance is really just complimentary to my interoverted/reclusive nature. Even before the religious aspect of dressing calcified in my psyche, I couldn’t bare to ‘throw it all out there’.

Today in class my teacher said she had a client (just like me) who only wore long skirts, and loose long sleeved tops with high-cut neck lines. She said that she hated sewing for the lady because she couldn’t bring out the best in any design, and consequently, the lady wouldn’t be an ideal person to advertise her work. Although, she confessed, she was surprised when the lady’s colleagues called on her for patronage.

If you’re reading my mind right now, you’ll see that all that she did was to express her aversion for conservatism, because at the end of the day, the client actually brought her more customers. Which I like to think is the bottom line for any businessperson. Unattractive as she thought the clothes appeared in style, people were still drawn to other aspects of it. Where I’m going with this is that we can’t divorce our values from who we are. Never mind that being covered does not equate looking frumpy all the time. A lot of people think you have to be ‘out there’ to be ‘in’.

My own belief is you don’t have to look like a sack of beans just because you’re conservative. You can be stylish, keep in vogue (if that’s your thing) and express your individual preferences without stepping out of that line you’ve drawn for yourself. My fashion sense can be summed up as elegance couched in simplicity. In other words looks simple enough at first glance, but when you get a bit closer you realize how intricate it really is.


Speaking of which, I’ve decided my first personal project (excluding the kick ass wrap top, which was part of an assignment) will have to be an Ao Dai. It’s the traditional Vietnamese dressing that consists of a loose fitting pant and a long tunic with slits running down the sides. I’ve always admired the way it drapes over their lithe frames.

The tunic is fitted… I can do fitted, except the slit won’t be that high. If you look closely at an Ao Dai, you’ll notice why it’s known as the dress that ‘covers everything and hides nothing.’

What I love about tunics is there is so much potential for embelishments… you can do some needle work, beeding, hand embroidery or whatever else suits your fancy. You can turn something so plainly sewn into an extraordinary, eye-catching design. With the right touc you can be shrouded in rags and still pull off a dinstinct (not disgusting!) look.


I can totally see myself rocking something similar in a pair of 4” heels or higher!!!

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PS… I’m thinking of starting a fashion blog. Seems that’s all I rant about lately


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October 13, 2008 at 9:53 pm

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Protected: Poaching

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October 11, 2008 at 10:16 pm

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Protected: Update… and Ramblings

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October 7, 2008 at 12:03 am

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