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What is your perception of the president of a sovereign nation going to his former colonial masters to plead for military aid? It beggars belief that Yar’adua, president of Nigeria, would go running to Britain to beg them to intercede in the Niger Delta crisis. The man is a rambling idiot. He brought some good to this country, but in this particular instance his idiocy is brighter than the halo of a full moon! This is the same idiot who was asked by President Bush what sort of help he was looking for and his intelligent answer was ‘any help’.


I feel embarrassed on his behalf.


I don’t know what sort of aid he’s specifically seeking. I hope he hasn’t forgotten that when countries like UK or US establish military bases in a country THEY NEVER LEAVE. They perpetually linger and through subversive means aid the very chaos they were invited to quell.


Developed and developing countries need raw materials for sustainable development. When such countries offer aid to poorer countries – kept poor because the people are disenfranchised – they don’t do so purely out of benevolence. There must be a payoff. The Iraq situation speaks for the remaining countries that have been invaded by proxy so their wealth and natural resources can be pillaged. I’m not surprised if the US employs mercenaries to plant bombs in public places and blame the attacks on al-Qaeda. It is hard to believe Iraq’s love to kill each other for no apparent reason.


Last year Shell and BP made ridiculous amounts of profit in the millions of pounds. In the Niger Delta, where Shell drills, the road tankers use to transport fuel to other parts of the country is not fit even for a camel to walk on. It is riddled with potholes. During the rainy season it becomes nearly impassable. It continues to deteriorate by the day due to total neglect.


It is the same story all over the Niger Delta. Rivers state produces the oil that sustains the rest of the country, yet its people remain the poorest. Granted their own leaders have bamboozled them, but not once have the oil companies stepped in to do their own fair share of giving back to the people whose lands and farms and rivers they are polluting.


Yesterday I spent three hours queuing for fuel because last week the tanker drivers announced they were fed up with their working conditions and went on strike. They are agitatating for an increase in fuel prices – although I don’t see how that improves the bad roads they’re moaning about.


They may be doing so out of their own greed, they might genuinely believe increased income would compensate for the bad work environment, or they might just have noticed fuel prices have almost doubled in other parts of the world and want to inflict the same agony on the already suffering millions all over the country.


Whatever their excuse, part of the problem can be traced back to foreign oil companies trying to grab all they can as quick as they can. Yar’adua should know better than to give the British army free reign over the Niger Delta. His action is equitable to that of a man who calls his neighbour into the house to sleep with his daughter! I hope that’s not what he’s asking for.



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July 18, 2008 at 8:25 am

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